The top 5 choices for kitchen countertops

In the midst of designing a new kitchen for a property we have been renovating, I realized there were far more choices of countertops to choose than I could’ve imagined such as granite (the obvious choice), to butcher block (interesting), to stainless steel (smudge central), to quartz (my preferred choice). So which ones are the best? Let’s narrow them down to the top five, from most expensive to affordable, that would most likely appeal to buyers. Most homeowners will want to keep the next buyer in mind since ultimately that’s one of the most important reasons to consider if you’re planning on selling your home in the future.


  1. Quartz – With the look of natural stone, minus the maintenance, these surfaces give granite a run for its money. They are chip and scratch resistant like granite and quickly becoming the growing trend in kitchens, now offering more variety in patterns and color variations. Quartz isn’t porous, therefore, it’s surface tends to relatively bacteria free compared to others. However, it is not heat resistant.
  2. Granite – Still going strong as one of the top choices for new builds and updating kitchens. Granite countertops are great for kitchens because of their durability. Kitchens are a hub of activity in most homes, and in order to sustain heavy usage, countertops must be durable. Granite is resistant to heat, which is ideal for cooking purposes.
  3. Corian – A cross between laminate and granite. They are not as durable as quartz and granite, but still offer flair and variety of colors to give your kitchen that miminalistic modern edge many look for in a kitchen these days.
  4. Butcher Block – Gives your home that modern, rustic feel in the kitchen. There are several grains to choose and some maintenance involved, but the overall look of the wood counters add warmth and natural coloring to your kitchen. Downsides, they are not heat or stain resistant, and that upkeep I mentioned above.
  5. Laminate – The best choice for those on a small budget. Laminate has made a comeback in the past few years because it’s durable and good quality at a low price. These days you can choose from several patterns, even designs that look like granite.


I’ve merely “scratched” the surface as far as types of countertops there are…other types to choose from are recycled glass and cement, concrete, marble, and stainless steel. When deciding on which countertops to pick for your new kitchen, I suggest looking at how much you want to spend, what maintenance is involved, and the overall look you are going for in your dream kitchen.

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Top 5 countertop options