The Contract Process

Once you find the right place, we will walk you through the best offer, inspection, appraisal and closing.

Making an Offer

Here is what to expect on making an offer:

  • A comparative market analysis
    We will let you know what other homes in the area have recently sold for and what a fair price is for the house you want.
  • Determine terms
    Once we decide on a price, we will consider a home warranty, determine an inspection period, what fixtures (such as the washer, dryer, curtains, swing sets, etc) you want to request, duration of the offer, a closing date and possession time.
  • Submit offer
    We work as quickly as possible to negotiate the best terms for you.

Contract Steps

  1. Make the offer
  2. Come to an agreement on terms
  3. Have the home inspected by a home inspector
  4. Request remedies
  5. Lender’s appraiser will appraise the property
  6. A title company will research the property’s history
  7. Walk-through the property again before closing
  8. Transfer funds, complete the closing and take possession